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How to Choose the Perfect Diet for Your Body Type


Many of us start to follow the basic diets without the proper information or without getting in mind their own body shape and how effective and healthy it will be. But choosing the right diet will gain incredibly good results and you will be healthier, prettier and confident with your look. That’s why we are showing you some different diets for different bodies and even temperament:


They easily gain weight as big amount of fat hide the muscles. These people have curvy shapes and looks like they have big waist. Their character is calm, romantic and sentimental, which means that they are eager to lie down and rest, instead of running around doing stuff.

Appropriate diet: You should try to eat separately – don’t mix carbohydrates with protein. The basic trick is to eat often but in small portions. Bet on the veggies and fruits. But don’t starve! Because on the next heavy meal your body will save everything as fat out of stress.


These are people with massive bone structure, wide shoulders, narrow waist and easily build muscles. Naturally they have big strength and easily gain and lose weight. You barely can notice that they are gaining any weight. They are free-minded, active and workaholics.

Appropriate diet: Don’t run away from carbohydrates and make a 5 meal daily healthy menu.


They are slim and elegant with long limbs and long-shaped muscles. They have really fast metabolism and don’t gain weight easily.

Appropriate diet: The most effective diet is some kind of protein-based one.

Before doing anything consult doctor.


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