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How to choose Shoes for Mini skirt


The whole idea of wearing a mini skirt is to bare your legs and revealing your best sex appeal. It is very difficult to choose the right type of shoes to wear with a mini skirt. Also before you set out to select the shoes for your mini skirt, you should always keep in mind the occasion and event for which you are going to wear. We will show you some different types of shoes that you can wear with your mini skirt.

  • Wedge sandals- they emphasizes your legs better than any shoes. They should be sandals- as in open- toed, because a closed- toe wedges look a little heavier to wear them with mini skirt.
  • Heels- kitten heels look pretty good paired with a mini skirt. They accentuate the “leggy” look you hope for with a mini skirt.
  • Flats- choose simple, stylish flats and pair them with a casual or semi- casual miniskirt. This combination is really sexy and feminine.
  • Boots- you can combine your mini skirt with knee high boots. , to give to yourself a retro look.
  • Sneakers- combined with miniskirts, sneakers goes off quite well and reflects a sporty dressing sense. It is the best for a casual look.

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