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How to Choose Glasses For Your Face Shape


It’s not a secret that there is no universal shape of eyeglass frames that can suit all shapes of faces. But how to choose the right frames for your face? The basic rule is to choose the opposite – if you have rounded face pick up angular glass frames, and if you have strong features – choose frames that are soft and rounded. It’s all about finding the balance.

Here are some examples of matching frames with different facial features:

Round. Rectangular frames will hel to sharpen the soft curves of a rounded face. Try to find frames that are more horizontal than vertical in order to make your face look longer.



Square. Round or oval eyeglass grames will soften your facial features.


Heart. If you have heart-shaped face you should search a little bit longer. You should find the balance by avoiding frames that are too large or too decorated.



Oval. Most frames are suitable for this shape.




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