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How to Camouflage Tan Lines


Except if you are a nudist, you cannot be left without tan lines: whether it is in your upper or lower area of the body. Still, we advise you not to wear jewelry or watches on the beach, since your risk even funnier tan lines on your neck or wrist, for instance! Be careful also to apply a SPF product on your whole body, so that your tan is even.


Here are two ways to camouflage tan lines:

1: Self-Tanner

Opt out for a tanning solution than contains instant bronzer. Be careful to chose and apply as much as you need, not more, so that you don;t get the opposite effect! Use a Q-tip or a brush to fill out only where your skin is lighter. Allow the tan to develop, preferably overnight.

2: Makeup

Makeup is every woman’s solution to most skin issues when you need to cover them up. Prepare the skin with a gentle exfoliant to even out skin texture. Use a liquid or aearosol foundation that matches your tan. Then tap for a natural finish.


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