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How to Burn Calories – 7 Funny Ideas


Wondering how to burn calories quick and easy? Do you know it could be super fun, too? Check out these funny ways and lose weight in no time. We know that perfect body is important for you, so keep reading:

1. Chewing gum – chew for 18 hours and you`ll lose 200 calories. Just make sure it is one and the same gum, or at least use calorie-free ones.

2.Kiss – kissing is also a great and we must admit – a very pleasant way to burn calories. So, kiss your loved one … for as long as possible.

3.Brush your teeth – 45 times in sequence.

4.Watch comedies. While resting on the couch, you need just 4 funny sit-coms and you`ll burn 200 calories. Give it a try.

5. Of course, if you feel tired, you can have a nap. You`ll burn as many calories, as contains a kilogram of celery.

6. Drink lots of water. 8 glasses of water per day will help you burn 70 calories. You can do the math.

7.Singing. What a great idea. Now you can make a karaoke party and invite all of yuour friends to burn calories and have fun together. If you sing your favourite song 23 times, you`ll definitely burn 200 calories. It seems like a good deal.






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