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How to Blowout Your Hair With Turn at End


In this  hair tutorial i will show you how to get Jennifer Aniston look .

Straight hair with a little bend on the ends . Nothing complicated about this hairstyle . 

There are few steps that you should follow to achieve this look.

First brush your hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner to help close the cuticle . Brush again.

Next step is to wrap brushing. Use the curve of the head to help smooth out the hair. Wrap everything to the left.

After that wrap everything to the right. Again keep wrap brushing back and forth . The most important thing is to flip upside down when blowout the hair before flat ironing . 

Now section your hair , apply protection spray and start straighten your hair such as the picture 10 below using a brush .

When the hair comes out of the flat iron , you must to drape it over the brush as you see in photo 11.

Let it cool about few seconds and then set it down.  Keep moving to the next section same ways .

I hope you like it !





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