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How To Be a Magnet For Men


Every woman has one or two tricks when it comes to male’s attention, but let’s talk about what can really impress them and that’s how we can check if we are on the right path with our personal tricks. Take a look:

The smile. The smile gives you happy and sunny look and this is important to the men. No one wants to date a grumpy girl, which is mumbling all the time. It’s also the first thing that a man can notice at you – your smile. All the smiles brings different messages – the smile could be friendly or sarcastic. But if you are faking your smile, and be sure that this is noticeable, he may have a second thought about getting to know you.

Your behavior with other people. You should know that from your own experience. When a guy catches your eye you start to watch his interactions with other people and you start to analyze him – his kindness, his manners, his attitude and so on. Be sure that he is doing the same with you. So, if you are arguing too much with people, or you MUST win the bet, these things can make a man want to keep a distance from you. Remember that men don’t adore too competitive women, they see them as a threat and competition. Just keep the balance, be nice to people, but don’t flirt with everybody. Also, don’t be rude to waitresses or salesmen. Keep it simple and everything will be fine.

Your style. Yes, a man notices your whole style – your hair, your nails, your makeup, your outfit – everything. It’s important for you to be clean and healthy looking. Your hair should be shiny and soft, touchable. You have to smell at least fresh if you are not wearing perfume. The nails are important too. If they are not decorated, don’t worry. It will be enough to have healthy looking nails, not bitten and with even nail polish. Every little detail of your style is noticeable. Your makeup shouldn’t be too heavy. Your clothes should flatter your best body features and hide the worst. Remember this – your look is essential. He sees your physical appearance at first and after that your intelligence.

Your laugh. When you laugh at his jokes is perfect, but don’t laugh at everything he says – it will only make you look stupid. Smile and look a little bit longer in his eyes. This combination will take you wherever you want. Don’t laugh nervously and without a reason.

Your manners. Don’t bite your nails or chew your mouth closed. Thank him when he makes you a compliment or when he hold the door for you, or for the lovely dinner he just paid. You should be polite and nice and that will how him that you are raised properly.

Be natural and keep the things simple. Follow your instincts and you’ll never be disappointed.




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