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How To Be a Hottie without Make Up


Hot girls are just…hot. Some of them believe that they would look hotter with makeup and use lots of it respectively. However, we still believe in natural beauty and came up with 6 ideas to make a you a hottie with no makeup on.

1. Hair – Your Greatest Asset

Your hair is very important – not only the hair style, but the hair condition too. So choose wisely and take good care of your hair if you want to experience the head-turning effect.

2. Skin is detrimental

If your skin is in a terrible condition neither the most expensive makeup nor the natural beauty will help. For that reason invest in cleansing and skin care products, as clean, exfoliated,healthy looking face is always a good idea! To be honest – men do prefer such faces to the ones cover with substantial amount of makeup.

3.Eyebrows – never underestimate them

You may think eyebrows are not important and they do not deserve your attention. However well-shaped, groomed eyebrows always do the deal.

4.Lips to be Kissed

Let lip exfoliating become your habit. It is easy – wash your lips with a gentle soap. Press them together and massage with a fingertip and a bit of a soap. Rinse with warm water and pat dry the lips. Use a teeth brush to scrub your lips. This will make them softer, deeply cleansed and naturally pink. Use a balm to moisturize them – this is what we call lips to be kissed.

5.Take Care of Your Self

That`s right – take care of yourself- be careful what you eat, drink lots of water, get fit through exercises and sport and practice a good posture.

No matter how cute you are if you are ruining your health with lots of junk food. Remember – your health affects your physical appearance. Positively or negatively – it is your choice.

6. Build a style

Go for the basics – a few fitted skinny jeans and shirts, cute skirts and dresses and of course- beautiful shoes. Build your style, which will make you look good, without being necessary to spend a huge amount of money. Pay attention to your accessories, as they show your individuality. Learn how to match your trendy clothes with your cool accessories to glam up your look.



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