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How to Apply Eye Cream Properly


If you are new into the world of cosmetic products and if you recently started to apply creams and other beauty products you should know how to properly do it, because if you are doing it wrong it’s like you not doing it at all.

Today we’ll start with the eye cream. Using an eye cream will keep your skin young, tight and moisturized. Which is important if you want to save your young look.

You will need : day cream, moisturizing one, eye cream and mirror.

Your facial skin should be clean and without any makeup or other cosmetic. That’s why you can apply your eye cream after shower or instead you should clean your face first. You can use tonic or some face cleanser.

First of all, examine your face and see which areas are dry or reddish. You will treat these areas differently. Now you will apply the day cream, which will moisturize the skin. Take a little bit of the cream and warm it up between your fingers. It’s important to do that because if the product is as warm as your body temperature, it will absorb better into the skin. Apply thick layer of cream to the driest parts, and just a thin one to the rest of the face. Use your fingertips and put on the cream in patting and swirling motions. After you took care of the driest areas start applying cream to your cheeks by using upward motions. Massage gently and don’t use downward motions. Move to the forehead with circular motions. Now pay attention to the neck and the chest. Use again upward motions to apply the cream.

Now comes the time for the eye cream. It’s an ultra-concentrated cream, which is specially designed for the area around the eyes. This around-eyes skin is thinner and it has a lot to deal with – smiling and squinting. Use your ring finger to apply the eye cream, because it’s the weakest finger and that’s perfect for the delicate under eye skin.

Tap on the cream, starting at the inner corner of under eye area and continue all the way across this area, up to the outer corner of it. Don’t apply it too close to your lash line because there is a chance to go inside your eye, which can lead to irritation. Be sure that you are not rubbing, just tap on the cream.



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