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How to Apply a Flicked Eyeliner


Eyeliner, combined with big lashes and red lips, is maybe the sexiest makeup a girl can wear. It accentuates the color of your eyes, makes them look more mysterious and can be worn all by himself without the need of eye shadow or mascara. The only problem with eyeliner is that it’s very hard to apply and often you will ruin your whole makeup while trying to make the eyes even or fixing a mistake. But now I’m going to share with you a fast and easy way to apply eyeliner that will make you life easier and your makeup – better looking.

Draw a thick line across the edge of your eyelid using short strokes and stopping at the edge of your lid. Extend the liner and flick the end up at a 25-degree angle, then fill in. Add two coats of mascara, some lipstick and you’re good to go!

And here are some tips for easy applying of the eyeliner:

1. First and most important, you need to have a steady hand! If your hand is shaking, most certainly your eyeliner will be all over the place.

2. A good way make a perfect flicked eyeliner is to mark where your flick should end. Draw a small dot with the eyeliner and this way you will just have to connect the line that you’ve just made and the dot where the line should end.

3. Use tape to draw a perfect line. Stick a small piece of tape on your temple and draw the line next to the tape. Then just remove the tape and your line will be perfect!

4. And is you don’t want to use this technique, always have cotton swabs and makeup remover so you can easily clean any mistake that you have done.

5. A tip that many people forget – if you’re going to use false lashes, draw the line first and then apply the lashes. If you apply the lashes first and then, the eyeliner, there will be a gap between your lashes and the false (and nobody wants a gap, right?)

If you follow these quick and easy tips you will definitely have a perfect flick!


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