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How Many Shoes Do We Need


Today we are talking about shoes and how many of them do we need. We are talking about the minimum here. If we try to talk about the maximum I’ll broke the Internet, like Ellen broke Twitter with that selfie at the Oscars. So, I’ll update the article: How many shoes does a woman need AT LEAST.

A woman needs at least 6 pairs of shoes:

Sandals. For the hot summer days.

woman's legs wearing sandals

Sneakers. No matter how much we love heels we need to have at least one pair of shoes which are comfortable enough to run the day without the need of 3 days recovering out feet from uncomfortable shoes.

Close up of pink sneakers worn by a teenager.


Work Shoes. If you are an office girl you must have also an office shoes. High heels, but enough to feel comfortable and stable.

Woman wearing red high heel shoes in city


Winter Heels. They are elegant and will keep your feet warm.

Elegant pair of woman's shoes isolated on a white background


Winter Boots. When the snow falls down you will need a pair of shoes to get you to your car without falling on the cold ground on every step you make.

Women's boots on a white background

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