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How Makeup Mistakes Can Make You Look Older!


There are a couple of makeup mistakes that girl and women as well make that turn their faces older than they actually are. Learning how to avoid this will make you look younger and with a better-looking skin.

As your face start to lose color with age, remember instead of using blush to blend a cream formula, only at the apples of the cheeks. This will give your face a lot-from-within glow that no blush, no matter how expensive, can achieve. Secondly, too much foundation can actually bring out all the wrinkles instead of hiding them. This is because a product like this settles in the fine lines of the face. What you can do instead is use a damp sponge to apply a single, light layer of the foundation. Make sure you choose a moisturizing foundation and not matte or long-wearing one. A moisturizing foundation helps hydrate the skin and deemphasize any creases. Thirdly, overdoing the concealer under your eyes is also not preferable. Dark bags under your eyes can for sure make you look older, but too much concealer can have that effect, too. Too much concealer actually draws more attention to the problem rather than solving it.

Thus, what you need to do is choose a richly pigmented and creamy stick concealer that will help give a full coverage. Another thing older women should avoid using are dark lipsticks. With age, lips become thinner and dark lipsticks cane make the lips look even smaller. Any bright or light-colored lipstick can plump your pout back to life. Should you want to add some shine to them, add a dab of gloss for more fabulousness. In terms of the eyes, a solid dark eyeliners around the entire eyes can be rather harsh. This can create sharp lines that can further make your eyes look smaller. In addition, adding a thick liner on top of the lashes can also make your eye lids look heavier. Instead, what you can strive to do is line out only the outer three quarters of your eye and smudge the lines so that it gives you a softer look.

For the inner corners, use a brightening shade to highlight them. Talking about mascara, applying it on the lower lashes can indeed make your eyes look bigger. Yet, as women age, applying mascara on the lower lashes actually makes the eyes look droopy. In order to avoid this, make sure you emphasize on the upper eyelashes to avoid looking bottom-heavy in your eyes. Speaking of the eyebrows, what many girls and older women tend to do is make their eyebrows too thin. Thinner eyebrows do not suit every face or age. Much as with the lips, the eyebrows actually thin and fade with age. Thus, fuller brows do make faces look more youthful than they usually are. What you can do to shape your eyebrows and fill in sparse brows is to use a powder one shade light that your natural brow color. Using an angled brush will help you make your eyebrows look fuller and better shaped, thus giving your face the perfect ending.


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