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Hot Trend: Jewelry Tattoos


There’s a new hot trend and many celebrities are following it! It’s the false jewelty tatoo trend! If you don’t know what that is, it’s just temporary tattoos that are shaped like jewelry and come in silver or gold – the perfect accessory if you want to add something unique to your style.

That’s why Beyonce, a true fashion inspiration for women all over the world, was one of the first celebrities to be seen in public with some of these cool jewelry tattoos. She was spotted looking gorgeous, of course, when she on a vacation in Italy with her husband, Jay-Z, rocking the tattoos as if they were real jewelry. She even combined with some of her own bracelets and the combo was stunning!

The tattoos come in many diferent colors and designs and, as long as they are the same color, can be easily combined with your own jewelry. They look amazing on tanned skin so if you still have some tan after the summer, don’t forget to buy some tattoos to add to your fall style! Colors like beige, brown, gold and grey are the perfect choice for the season and will go with every outfit you have without looking out of place. If you add a mani in a nude color, you’ll on top of every fall trend!

The tattoos stay on your body around a week, but if you don’t want to wear them anymore you can remove them by rubbing some natural oil on them and then rub gently the place – we don’t want you to get hurt and damage your skin, right? They can be found in beauty salons or regular stores for drugstore makeup. The tribal designs are in rigt now so we advice you to go towards something with that kind of print. It’s really cool to get a sign in silver or gold and put it in a visible place, too! That way you’ll not only have a cool tattoo that your friends will love, but also you’ll have a unique piece of jewelry and definitely set the trend for everyone to follow!




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