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Hot New Trend – Matte Nail Polish


The Fall is coming, actually it’s almost here, and we need to check out the new trends and to be prepared of what is desired, modern, stylish and fashionable these days. To save “paper & ink” I’ll present you only one category of Fall trends, in fact, only one under category of Fall trends – Matte nail polish. Agree with me that talking about makeup, nails, clothes, shoes, beauty procedures and so on will take me a week to write and it’ll take you the same time to read it, try it and enjoy it. That’s why we’ll talk only about Matte nail polish. It’s important enough to be presented alone in separate article.

What’s deal with that Matte nail polish?

I think that people just got tired with the glossy nails. After all the matte tendency is everywhere – makeup, bags, shoes, accessories, even cars. We need something new to fall in love with and if you don’t want to break up completely with the glossy nail polishes you can make a very attractive nail decoration, combining matte and glossy type. The matte details are an representation of the modern urban style, which is created to be loved. It brings more dramatic look, it’s different and it’s an escape from the conventional opinion.

As you know it, or if you haven’t met the matte nail polish you can suggest by the name that the polish is completely out of shine. It’s a typical nail trend since Fall 2010 and keep stay in the Fall trends list without hesitation. The nail polish itself is easy for application and it comes in many different colors, so you can enjoy your favorite one or you can match it to the outfit you want.

There are several ways to get the look of the Matte drama Queen.

The first option is to buy special matte nail polish. These polishes has nothing in common with the glossy ones. When the matte nail polish is completely dry you’ll see nothing but matte finish, without even a little hint of shiny surface. You can find online the collections of Zoya, OPI, NYX and Orly. But there are also cheaper versions of these collections, which will suit you best.

Another way to get matte look is to buy a matte top coat. It’s the budget-friendly option if you all ready have many colors of nail polishes, but they are glossy and shiny. There are many matte top coats which comes in different prices, but you can buy the perfect one for about $5, which will save you time and money. Also the matte top coat completely mattifies the polish without changing it’s color. There is another good new about the matte top coat. With it you can get creative and make an incredible nail decorations, mixing matte and shiny nail styles.

How to apply a Matte Top Coat?

It’s a little bit tricky and different from the regular top coat. You know how the shiny top coat hides some small mistakes, well, the matte one shows them. And also it takes longer time to dry. It also is powerless against chips. Of course there are some not-so-good features, but after all it’s a more sophisticated nail style and you can wear it on special occasions. Don’t give up, enjoy it and be sure that the Matte nail polish trend is here to stay!


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