Hot Nail Trend for spring 2014 - BEAUTIFUL SHOES

Hot Nail Trend for spring 2014


From the hottest new shades to nail art and interesting polish combinations, the runways are where the latest manicure trends are taken out for a spin and shown off.

Designers work with top manicurists to come up with the greatest trends for new seasons, here’s a sneak peek at what you should be looking out for:






This season is all about light, pastel colors.

At the New York Fashion week, we saw a lot of models and designers opting for a whole white nail look for this up and coming season.























Blonds-Spring-2014 (1)




Pastel Cuticle Glitter

We love this one!

Keeping the nails light with a clear nail polish and adding glitter to the bottom part of the nails looks chic and glam!















Nail eyes!

This type of nail art was seen at the fashion week a few times but to be honest we prefer the light pastels.

Although this could be used for party in time in spring!


















French Manicure

The faithful!

It doesn’t seem to matter what season we are in, the French Manicure will also be a trend setter!

The upside down French Manicure!

This is so cute!

Opting again for the ‘less is more’ look this upside down French Manicure is a winner!


























Glitter Stripe

This is a great look for the spring and to color co-ordinate with your outfit.

A simple glittered line down the middle of the finger nail gives a subtle, jazzed up feel to your look!



















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