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Homemade Remedies for Redness and Swelling


I bet you have had days when you have woken up and looked at the mirror, only to see a red pimple standing there on your face, looking at you from its reflection. I have, and I almost let out a scream of horror. Pimples are part of our life, part of the bad side, of course. It’s inevitable and you know it, however, the swelling and the redness they carry around with themselves is not normal and you can easily delete it from your life!

Popping a pimple is a great temptation, but can cause lots of problems and is never a good idea. It can spread the vacteria, cause more pimples to appear and leave redness on your skin. This method is never recommended. Not only can it spread the bacteria, but your skin will get sore as well.

However, if you do give in and pop the pimple, you can eliminate the redness, swelling and soreness in a few ways. Just be careful and make sure your hands were clean and that you have either had gloves on or have wrapped a tissue around your fingers. The methods you will read below have been tried and are working. Of course, every one of us has a different type of skin with a completely different character, so there is also a slight chance for it to not be working sometimes.

Rub an ice cube on the spot for a few minutes. Wipe it afterwards with a clean cloth and apply any acne remedy which contains salicyclic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Green tea is another excellent remedy. Soak a green tea bah in boiling water for about 2 minutes, then apply it to your skin. Be careful to not burn yourslef, ladies! It soothes the pain and reduces the swelling.

Clear eyes is a medicine that gets the red out, is also a good method to reduce the redness. It shrinks the blood vessels and if you dot it on a red spot, it will disappear. Still, its effect is not very long-lasting, so you will need to carry it around with you. Neosporin, on the other hand, can be used in addition, since it kills any remaining bacteria and infection.


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