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Homemade Masks Against Hairloss


The hairloss is not a problem which only men have to deal with, women also are affected. It’s a well-known fact that this problem could be seen more often in the men with high levels of testosterone, but ladies with low level of estrogen also could suffer from hairloss. The good news is that a woman can’t get fully bold, but she can get rare hair enough to feel uncomfortable.

Women are able to restore, change and recover almost everything when they are highly motivated, and what’s more motivating (in days of vanity issues) than the chance of beauty loss. That’s why there are many homemade remedies for almost everything. And today we’ll give you some homemade masks for solving the problem of hairloss.

Note: Remember to do an allergy test before you put on the mask on your hair. Prepare small quality of the mask and apply on the inner side of the elbow. Wait 24 hours and if the spot isn’t reddish and harmed you can apply the mask onto your head without worrying about the allergic reaction.

Mask with aloe

Take one big leaf of aloe, and with a spoon, gather the material from the inside part of the leaf. Smash and strain. With this juice rub the hair roots and cover with a piece of cloth or put a shower cap. Let it work for 2 hours and after that wash your hair with a neutral shampoo.

Mask with Acorus Calamus

Pour 2 tablespoons Calamus root with 500 ml vinegar and boil for about 15 minutes. Let the mixture cool down and after that strain. With cotton ball rub the mask into the hair roots. Store the remaining liquid in a dark, cool place. There is no need for washing off the lotion. The roots of the plants have a pleasant and a strong smell.

Ivy lotion

Boil one tablespoon of cut leaves of Ivy into 500 ml water for 15 minutes. After the mixture is cool you should strain it. Rub the lotion into the hair roots. Keep doing that for about a month. Keep the lotion in dark and shady place. You should rinse your hair with Ivy lotion after each hair washing.

Mask with marshmallow and burdock roots

Boil 2 liters of water and pour into it 5 tablespoons of marshmallow and 5 tablespoons of burdock root. Let it boil for 5 minutes and turn off the heat. Allow the lotion to cool down, strain it and pour your hair with it. Do that only on freshly washed hair. Don’t wash your hair again and let it air dry, don’t use a hair dryer.

Healthy and strong look is a way of life. You can do masks and lotions, but you should also eat healthy and do some exercises. The combine of all these activities – eating, sporting and beauty procedures will make your hair, skin and your whole body look amazing!


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