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Home Cures for Dark Skin Patches Under the Arms


There’s that common problem a lot of women face and that is the dark patch which so annoyingly stays under your arm. It’s really not a pretty sight and indeed most women find it embarrassing and unconformable. Sleaveless tops are often avoided or anything which would reveal the armpit. There’s a great number of women who suffer from this problem but the good news is there are a fair few good methods of getting rid of the problem too. A lot of the products advertised are no good and are simply there to take your money, so be careful what you buy. Sometimes, advertising is the devil! Before you start treating the dark patch it’s a good idea to find out what exactly caused it to exist in the first place. There are a number of options: health conditions mostly but others which can most certainly be avoided. Below are some home cures we have come across and which we believe to be worthy of a try!

What are the reasons for darkening armpits?

There’s a few. The important thing is to read them and figure out if any of them apply to you. Here are some of the most common ones:

1. Hyperpigmentation: this is a skin disorder which makes the skin much darker. It usually comes hand in hand with the Addison’s disease which is the failure of the adrenal glands to make regulating hormones.

2. Excessive exposure to sunlight: we all love the sun but we also all know what the effect of the sun can be on our skin. The skin has special cells which produce pigment and the purpose of that is to protect the epidermis of the harmful sun rays. The more sun you take in, the browner your skin becomes.

3. Cosmetic Products: there’s a fair few cosmetic products out there, notably deodorants, shavers and lotions which can make your skin appear darker under the arms

4. Hormonal changes during pregnancy:  this is mainly due to the unbalanced production of melanin – the hormone which causes the appearance of darker skin patches.

Now for our easy and effective home-cures for darkening armpits

Tip 1: Exfoliate. This should be done frequently but gently. It will get rid of all the dead skin cells and refresh the skin. There is strong evidence to suggest the skin will become lighter in time.

Tip 2: Make your own exfoliators. Natural organic exfoliators are way better than the synthetic ones with all the chemicals. They are easy to be prepared. All you need is some brown sugar and vinegar to create a simple exfoliant. Make sure your skin is moist while exfoliating so as not to irritate it. A dried out orange peal can be crushed and put into the mixture to make it a good scrub with a nice smell. Baking soda mixed with water is also another option.

Tip 3: Use natural products with bleaching properties. These bleaching agents will make your skin go lighter over time. Lemons and cucumbers act as great natural bleachers while also having a very effective antiseptic and antibacterial effect. Scrub the lemons on your skin and the cucumbers can be sliced and placed directly on the dark areas.

Tip 4: Milk. You’d be suprised how many benefits milk has. It’s rich in fatty acids and vitamins which give potent lightening and cleaning properties. Use it as a scrub. To do that – mix some cold milk with some flour to create a paste. Apply to your underarms and wait for it to dry before you remove it.

Tip 5: Do not shave. It will help your skin become smoother and lighter. Shaving will make your skin coarser. Instead use hair removal creams.

Tip 6: Use a home-made bleach product. One recipe we suggest is the cucumber juice, turmeric and lemon juice mixture. Apply it on the armpits for a while and then rinse. Another idea is to mix lemon juice, honey and yogurt. Lemons as already mentioned help the skin get lighter while the yogurt and honey reduce the sensitivity.

Tip 7: Wax instead of shave. It’s painful but it’s more effective for skin removal and isn’t as harmful. Waxing will make your skin look lighter.

Tip 8: Apply vinegar. Mix it with rice flour to prepare a paste and apply it under your arms while they are still wet. Wait for about 10-15 before you wash.

Tip 9: Change the way you eat. Healthy foods will detoxify your body and get rid of the dark skin patch. Processed foods, fried foods are all bad for your skin. Get yourself a well-balanced diet with whole grain foods and raw veg and fruit – avoid sugar and starchy products.

Tip 10: Coconut oil is the best. Repeat that. It’s a great because it is vitamin E rich which will make you skin smoother, more elastic and lighter in color.

Tip 11: Change your deo. Get a natural deo and avoid chemicals. Try find a deo which contains sandalwood – sandalwood has a nice scent and is also delicate to the skin. Rose water, coconut oil and vinegar are also other options to use for deodorising.

Tip 12:  Oral contraceptives are a big no-no. They cause hormonal changes which can darken the skin under your arms. Talk to your gyno and find out what you can replace the pills with.

Tip 13: Wear comfortable clothes. The clothes we wear are often made of synthetic material which irritates the skin. Wear clothes which let your skin breathe. Wear natural and delicate fabrics.

Tip 14: Keep diabetes at bay. Diabetes can occur this darkening of the skin so make sure you get a blood check up or keep exercising to avoid it from coming onto you.




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