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Holiday Glitter!!!!



Dazzle, dazzle and dazzle some more!




We love this colorful look for the holiday season parties!


Glitter it up with shiny, glittery eye make up for your Christmas night out and dazzle the crowd!


It’s quick and easy!


  1. Start by applying a base coat on your eye lids (we love MAC Painterly Pot)




  1. Next we are going to apply blue eye shadow to the ‘crease’ of your eye lid




  1. Now apply your glitter eye shadow to the eye lid but make sure you do not cover all the lid – leave a section at the outside of the eye where we will apply dark blue eye shadow (as seen in picture)




  1. On the outside of the lid (the part that has no glitter eye shadow applied) add dark blue eye shadow and blend in to the glitter eye shadow – the secret here is to make sure both eye shadows are blended well!




  1. Reach out for your liquid eye liner and apply to the top of the lid with a ‘cat like flick at the side of the eye’




  1. Apply black eye liner as normal



You’re now ready to hit the party, have fun!





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