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Heatless Curls


Curls are one of the girl’s best friends when we talk about hairstyles. If your hair is naturally straight you are familiar with so many ways of curling your hair that I won’t be surprised if you already know about this no-heat method of curling. Let’s check it and see if you know it:

It’s really easy. You will need a piece of cloth, maybe a thin hand towel or something like that, hairsprayer and a couple of hours.

So, take the hair from the top-of-the-head area, twist it and secure it with hair clips. You will use it later. Take the towel and tie it around your head like you are putting a headband on.


Remember that top section of your hair that we pinned earlier? Now remove the clips and put it under the towel at the front of your head, just above your forehead. That’s how your volume will be nice and thick at the end. Spritz with a hair spray your hair strand by strand, not the whole hair at once. Now take a strand and tuck it under and around the towel. Keep doing that tuck-and-roll thing until you run out of hair.


Now go watch your favorite show, read a nice book or whatever you want, just let the hair curl itself for a couple of hours. You’ll get the best result if you make it over the night that way.

The releasing of the hair is really easy, just untie the towel and remove it from your head. Shake your head or run your finger through the hair, hair spray it a little bit and now you have your Heatless Curls. Enjoy them!



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