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Have you ever dreamed of being a designer?


Have you ever dreamed of being a designer? Why don`t you start your career with this wonderful DIY Neon lace clutch bag?

The materials you will need include:

1. An old lace top or any other neon lace fabric

2. Old clutch bag

3. Scissors and fabric glue

4.Needle and a thread

How, the fun part starts. Follow the steps below and make yourself an amazing gift.

1 , 2 & 3 Carefully cut the top to make a case, where you can put the clutch bag. Sew where necessary.

4. Turn the newly made case inside out, so the edges are seamless and put the bag in

5. Glue the opened parts to the clutch, so that the zipper is outside and flawlessly working

Once it is dry, you can put your favourite stuff in there and go out for a drink.

Congratulations, this is your very own beautiful clutch bag

Have you ever dreamed of being a designer



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