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Hats Are a Winter ‘Must’


In winter our fashion decisions are way different than the ones we make in the summer. Our most visible pieve of clothing and most noticable is the coat. After having your statement coat you have to pair it with the right bag and scarf and a hat (or at least one of those). So in order to be plished and stylish in the winter it is not a bad idea to grab a hat (or 10) and make up your style around them. If you have never owned a hat or you think they are not for your or whatever you are in the wrongs.

Hats are made for everybody and they are a winter essential for every fashionista. If you haven’t already got a couple stashed it is time that you got one. A hat can complete your outfit and also it is cosy and keeps you warm in the winter.

The beanies are the warmest type of hats you can get in the winter. They come in different styles and materials, so there is a lot to choose from. The slouchier type can give you a modern and edgy vibe, but be careful what you pair it with. A leather jacket and some rider boots would be perfect. The beanies could also be tight on the head or rolled up. They could actually be paired with almost anything – sweaters, cardigans, coats. Just find the most suitable style for you. This winter the beanies with pompons made like years (or whatever type of hat with years) is very popular and in style. If you are a quirkier type go for that.

Fedora is a hat with a brim. It is not the type with the extra large brim, but those could be found and be stylish too. The fedora is creased down at the center a little. People call those types of hats the fashion hats. And they actually are. Depending on what you like they can make you look way more ellegant. But fedoras are not as easy to style as beanies. Also be careful how your face looks with one. A perfect pairing for a fedora might be a dress and some healed boots. Also think about a fedora that brings out the color of your eyes – for example if they are green, an oxblood red hat would comliment you very well.

The beanies and fedoras are perfect for a woman in the winter and they are more stylish type of hats. But then there come the ball caps and snapbacks. And let’s face it. If you are not in a gang or a hip hop dancer you should probbaly avoid those.



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