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Harmful Habits for our Nails


Nails can easily become sensitive, break often and than can ruin your whole effort when doing your manicure. There are ways to prevent their weaking, so simply try and avoid these habits that we often incorporate in our lifestyle.

  • Biting your nails: an incredibly disgusting and unhealthy habit, but it is very common. It destroys the structure of the nails, makes them very prone to breakage, and also the bacteria, stored under your nails, gets into your organism.

  • Peeling your nail polish: another very ‘popular’ habit! You damage and divide the layers of your nails, so just reach for a good nail polish remover and stop peeling the remaining nail polish on your nails!

  • The gel manicure ddiction: even though gel manicures are more long-lasting and are a comfortable decision for busy women, you shouldn’t use them all the time. Their removal can serously damage your nails, mainly the upper layer, and it also dehydrates them. The UV light that is used for the drying of the nail polish is also very harmful for your nails and skin.

  • Unhealthy diet: not only that an unhealthy diet has a negative impact on your hair and skin, your nails become a victim of coffee and alcohol too. Eating bad food leads to white spots on your nails, weakened layers and easy breakage. Incorporate healthy protein, vegetables and fruit for a beautiful body!

  • Cleaning without gloves: everyime you clean your home or wash the dishes, you need to wear rubber gloves, because water and detergents can be very harmful for both your skin and nails.

  • Cutting cuticles: the constant stress that our cuticles undergo when we cut or push them is actually very bad for them. Leave them alone once in a while because they can get very dry or you can get yourself an infection. Also, apply essential oils once in a while to make them healthy and soft.


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