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Halloween Preparations


Halloween is just around the corner! Are you prepared for the holiday? Because I sure am not! Very often everything happens at the last moment, but nevertheless we are all having a blast.

So, let’s see if you have planned all of the things I will list below, and if you have not – you should include them in your list!


We all know that most of the times, the Halloween costumes are spontaneous and very last-moment. However, if you have managed to fight the urge of procrastination and your scary Halloween imagination has kicked in earlier than usual, I salute you! Every Halloween I end up making my costume and makeup idea two days before the party.

Another fact is, if you have children, I will advise you to ask them what they want to be. Don’t make them wear something they don’t like. If they have trouble picking out their costume, think of his or her favorite characters and movies, along with the latest things they have seen and have liked. Pick the costume with them and have fun!


Candy is important, and you can’t deny it. Chocolate bars, lollipops, sweet and sour candy, etc. Ask other children what they would like to receive on Halloween or what they usually enjoy munching. I hereby advise you to not try and put the children at your door on a healthy diet by giving them fruits, unless they have wished. Otherwise, bad things will happen to your door and yard.


Everybody loves pumpkin cravings! Buy one and carve a scary face in it, afterwards put a candle in it so it’s ready to be standing beside your door, welcoming your horrific and terrific guests at the door!


The pumpkin is also a decoration, but it is not the only one. Go to the nearest store and buy all kinds of creepy and scary party decorations – webs, spiders, bats, fake blood. If you have a garden, you can always make a scarecrow with a pumpkin head, or simply make a ghost out of a white blanket and a stake with something round stabbed on top of it.

Halloween Party

Are you a party person? You can be the neighbor who is throwing the Halloween party this year! Let everyone else see your amazing decorations, the awesome Halloween cocktails you have made and your magnificent Halloween costume!


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