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Halloween Is Coming Soon …. Or Not!


Yeah, Halloween is too far away, but never the less that does not mean that you should be unprepared two days before the party!


Here, I’ve got something which you will totally adore if you are into classy, yet spooky makeup!

1. Prepare you face. This makeup will be quite heavy for your skin – we don’t want to ruin it. Clean your skin, moisturize it with a face cream, you can even make a homemade mask.

2. Now, when you are done, apply a makeup primer and base on your face, along with a base on your eyelids.

3. Concealer and foundation are next, but we are going to leave the contouring as a last step.

4. Draw a winged eyeliner on your upped lid and then take a white matte eye pencil and color your eyelids, as you see in the picture below.

5.  With the white pencil thinly outline the inner part of your lower lid and afterwards outline it with your black eyeliner, swinging a wing as well.

6. We are still not done with the black eyeliner. Take it again and draw a line on your upped lid, outlining the white section.

7. Mascara! You can even use fake lashes, but you shouldn’t accent much on your lashes.

8. Take a dark red lip pencil and outline your lips. You can make them fuller as well.

9. Take a bit lighter shade of red pencil and lipstick and firstly fill your lips with the pencil and afterwards repeat with the lipstick for a perfect effect.

10. Powder your face!

11. Last, but not least is contouring. We need to accent on your cheekbones and nose with the help of a highlighter and a blush in the shades of brown. I do not advise you to use pink-ish blush, for this makeup a coral or peach is going to be much better.

Now, when your makeup is done, go do your hair and check yourself out in the mirror. Have you thought of a costume yet?



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