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Hair Loss and Ocular Wrinkles – Get Rid of Them


Hair loss is unpleasant problem, but don’t worry a woman can never get bold. You just can get rare and thin hair, but there are remedies for preventing that nasty hair loss. Take a look at our advices against hair loss and as a bonus we will give you a homemade recipe for ocular wrinkles.

Nourish your follicles. If your hair is falling around the problem may be in your follicles, especially the deficit of vitamin A. It makes the hair dry and the deficit of Fe causes hair loss. Vitamins from the B group helps the hairs to strenghten and also helps the body to deal with the stress. The Zinc is important for the health of the hair and its normal growth. To have healthy and strong hair you should take protein. Sources of protein are fish, eggs, chicken meat and soy foods.

Add linseed oil to your diet, because it contains alpha-linolenic acid. This is omega-3 fatty acid that nourishes the hair and makes it glow. Take 1 tablespoon daily.

Eat sushi. If the cause of hair loss is iodine deficiency, you should eat more seaweed like kelp and red algae (Palmaria palmata), which are a natural source of the iodine. You can also make some salads with seaweed.

Use herbs. Grape seed extract contains antioxidants that stimulate growth of the hair. Polish horsetail, Lucerne and oats are rick in silica, which prevents the boldness, slow growth and damaged hair ends. The Ginkgo, cayenne pepper and ginger stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp.

Herbal oil for eyes

This gentle oil for eyes has many benefits. It contains vitamin E, which moisturize the eyelashes and slows down the process of aging, and it also contains jojoba, which work as a wrinkle remover. See how to prepare it:


1,5 tablespoon jojoba oil

3 drops essential rose oil

3 drops essential incense oil

1 ampule of vitamin E


Mix the ingredients in dark, glass bottle. Apply the mixture on the around-eye area with your ring finger by patting motions. You must use your ring finger because it is the weakest one and the skin around your eyes is very gentle and soft and your treat must be as gentle and delicate as the skin is.

I hope these advices will help you to grow beautiful and strong hair and the eyes oil will help you stay young and wrinkle-less. Enjoy your time!



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