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Guilty! 5 Beauty Blunders Every Woman Has Made!


When applied correctly, makeup and other beauty products can work wonders on a woman’s appearance.

When applied incorrectly, however, makeup can actually distract from a woman’s natural beauty.

Most of us first learned how to do our makeup in the late stages of elementary school or the early years of high school. When you’re first introduced to makeup, you want to experiment as much as possible. That means loads of color, layers of makeup and shimmery shadows.

The bad news: those beauty blunders are a detriment to your natural beauty. The good news: we’ve all been there!

Every woman, at some point in her life, has been guilty of at least one (most likely more) of the following beauty blunders. Hopefully we’ve all learned our lesson and these mistakes will never happen again:

1. Fake Tanning

Using an enhanced or tinted moisturizer can most definitely give your skin a natural and radiant glow. Most self-tanning products on the market, however, make your skin look orange and fake.

Applying countless layers of fake tanning lotion over your body and face will not make you look sun-kissed – it will make you look like Oompa Loompa from the Wizard of Oz!

Do yourself (and your significant other who surely does not want to taste fake tanning lotion when he kisses you) a favor and toss your tanning lotion in the trash.

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2. Lip Liner

There was a trend, not that many years ago, that had all of us women convinced that lining our lips with a pencil two shades darker than our lip-gloss or lipstick would give us a pout similar to Angelina Jolie’s.

It didn’t take us long to realize that wasn’t the case. Luckily, most of us have removed the lip liner from our makeup bags. If you haven’t, trust me, it’s long overdue.

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3. Eye Shadow Overdose

It didn’t look good on Mimi from Drew Carey and, to be honest, it didn’t look good on any of us.

Excessive, vibrant colored eye shadow is bad enough on its own but that phase in the 90′s where it was cool to elongate the shadow line all the way to the bottom of the eyebrows was, by far, one of the worst makeup trends of the century.

The only time makeup should be used in this manner is on Halloween.

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4. Sun Burned Skin

Remember beach weekends in high school and college when you’d plant yourself on the shoreline for 8 hours straight without applying any sun block?

The damage those weekends did to our skin was probably more detrimental to our health than anything else we did in our teen years.

The worst part of it all? Leaving the beach literally crisped from baking in the sun all day didn’t make our skin look any better (and everyone knows how painful sunburn can be).

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5. Too Much Blush

The appropriate amount of blush swept along your cheekbone can really enhance the shape of your face and make you look awake and fresh.

However, when applied incorrectly (which blush often is), this piece of makeup can make you look way too overdone.

An appropriately-blushed face will not show a noticeable line where the makeup has been applied. It should also only be one or two shades darker (or brighter, depending on the look you’re going for) than your skin.

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