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Guess who, shocker!


Ahhhh how we love to see that celebs are just normal (and sometimes geeky) normal human beings!!

We dug up some pictures that are definetly going to make you feel better with some before and after pictures of our fav celebs.

Lets face it we all know that if you have the right amount of money for hair designers, make up artists and personal shoppers, we could all look as good as the stars. Going by these pics time really does make a big difference!

Ready to guess who?


It’s Giada DeLaureniits!! Geek? Yes siree!!

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Yes! Its January Jones! Yeah we know, we though it was a boy too!!

3 (1)

We must say that Sarah Michelle Gellar was still a very cute kid anyway!

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Katie Holmes, my, my how times have changed!

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Aaaahhhhhh a very young Beyonce!


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