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Great Road Trip Games


Chasing the sun on a long highway is a great experience, but if you are tired and used to it you may get bored and fall into an accident. That’s why it’s nice and really fun if you travel with friends or family, because there are many road trip games which will keep you busy and make you forget about the sleep or the soft bed at home. Just keep playing and laughing and you’ll have a great time with your friends while you travel far, far away. Check them and choose your favorite one:

Who are they?

Choose another car on the road and imagine the story of the passengers inside. It could get really fun if everyone joins the game and start adding features every character from the other car.

Odd colored car

At the beginning of the trip everyone in the car should choose an odd color for a car – pink, orange, purple and so on, and during the drive they should spot each car colored in the color they chose. And you can make it a little bit funnier if you get a point if you spot a color of your opponent before him.

License plate decoder

When you see a license think of it like the letters and the numbers are some kind of personal message and your job is to decode it.

Buzz word

At the beginning of the trip choose a word that will be taboo for the entire trip. Choose something common – like Great or Ok. Give to every passenger 10 or 20 paper clips and when someone says the buzz word he’ll be taken a clip. This game is great, because after two or three mistakes everyone will be careful about the words he is saying.


One passenger is “it” and asks other passengers silly questions. The other passengers can’t smile or laugh and they only can answer with “Tomato”. If anyone laughs or smile he or she is out of the game. The last person out is the next “it”.

Counting cows

Passengers must count and keep track of cows on their side of the car. If  you pass a cemetery you start over the counting. The passenger with the highest number at the end of the trip wins.

Speak in song

You can keep the conversation on only with titles or lyrics from songs. And you should not sing.

50 Nifty

Try to come up with all fifty states. If you get them all, start the listing again with the capitols of the states.

Presidents game

Try to list every 44 presidents of America.




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