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Grandma was right! Weird home remedies


Remember when your grandma always used to say that you can use absolutely anything at home to help cure most things?

She was soooooo right!

We break down some weird and wonderful foods and potions that will cure the most bizarre things!


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Eating around 20 almonds will cure a headache! And if you eat them regularly, it can stop headaches occuring in the first place!

Tart Cherry Juice


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Tart cherry will give you a goods night sleep!


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When crushing mint leaves and applying to acne, it will help to get rid of it!


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Peppermint increases awareness and reduces stress -FACT!


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Ginger can help stop nausea and sea sickness

Clove Oil 

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Dabbing Clove Oil on toothache or gum swelling will temporarily sooth the pain.


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