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Good Advice from Victoria Secret Angels


They are one of the most desired and beautiful women on the world. Let’s hear what beauty advice they can give us: we already see the result, after all!

Alessandra Amrbosio: Her main beauty rule is always to remember to remove makeup before going to bed, usng coconut water which is not only highly moisturizing and enriches the skin with minerals, but also has a pleasant smell and taste.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: The charming model believes in the importance of strong hair and its impact on your whole appearance. She is also famous for her pouty lips and her frequent use of red lipstick.


Miranda Kerr: The fresh brunette recommends us to apply olive oil on the ends of our hair and leave it for the night and the promised result after washing it the next morning is beautiful and healthy hair.


Adriana Lima: One of the sexiest women in the world has a problem with her skin. Whenever a pimple appears on her face, she does not touch it, but gently puts a little tea tree essential oil around it.





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