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Gold Makeup Tutorial


The makeup ideas are not so easy to come up with. Sometimes you need some inspiration to make your look appear perfect and stunning. Choose and occasion and spoil yourself with great makeup style. A little glamour in our makeup is never too much. Here is how to do a “warm” eye with a few shimmery eyeshadow colors:

  1. Set the base of your face as usual with a moisturizer, primer, foundation and concealer. This first step is very important for the finished look of the makeup. The primer covers the enlarged pores and some imperfections. The foundations is making the skin tone even and the concealer works for your under eye shadows.
  2. Apply an eyeshadow base, so that the eye makeup does not smudge and to be more long-lasting. You don’t want your shadows to move here and there, it’ll ruin the perfection.
  3. Apply a bronze eyeshadow over the upper line of your eyelid until the outer end of the eye.
  4. Apply a pink eyeshadow from the middle to the outer end of your eyelid.
  5. Add a pop of gold eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye for a more illuminated look.
  6. Define your eyebrows. They could be faded a little bit after the primer, foundation, powder and other covering products. You can give them a little brush with the mascara or pay more attention by shaping, brushing and coloring them. It’s your choice, but remember that a defined eyebrows are very important for the whole look of your face.
  7. A brown mascara might be better for this makeup since the color will correspond to the warm hues of the eyeshadow, but a black one will also do.
  8. Apply a little blusher, preferably a warm color again.

And you’re done with a perfect summer makeup which will give you a fabulous glow. The next job you should do is to pick up the perfect dress and shoes for this makeup, have fun with your friends while you are making your nails done and be sure that the compliments will flush over you like an ocean wave. Have fun and dance the night away!


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