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Gold Makeup for Tuesday


The best thing about a wild Tuesday night is that you can wear gold make-up and on top of it, it suits almost all skin types and ages. Also adds warmth to every look. Apply it with a little care and follow those simple rules.

It is a sexy look that also can be worn in the summer because the gold really brings out a tan without being too heavy on the eyes and it suits all eye colors as well. Wear it in one or two areas like eyes and shoulders, or just on your lips. More than that may cause you ending up looking gingerbread. Another rule is that you may never wear too much glitter on your face or body, it just never looks good. Never wear gold with other shimmery colors. Cream, brown and gold in general are really flexible for make-up and can be applied even with your fingers. You can add some creamy gold just below your eyebrows to “open up” your eyes. The gold is very transparent, so light reflects off the eyes. Gold shadow looks best when paired with flushed cheeks. However, you don’t have to cover your entire lid with it. Use gold eyeshadow as a highlighter for the brow bone or an accent for bolder looks.

There are many ways to wear gold makeup, so don’t be afraid of Tuesday, go bold, go gold!



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