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Go On a Vacation Without Going Broke


There are many places in the USA, which are worth to be visited. You can also go on a vacation without spending all your savings just for one trip. Check out which are the best affordable vacation destinations in the USA:


Yellowstone is the America’s oldest national park and it’s a home of breathtaking natural attractions for visitors of all ages. If you are outdoor lover, you’ll be satisfied with the multicolored pools swirl around hot springs, the rich forest spots, oh, and the geysers, they could not be described, you should see them. When you look around you’ll see over 3 000 square miles of canyons, mountains, geysers and waterfalls. You’ll meet buffalo, elk and even grizzlies. And saving money in such a place isn’t impossible. Start with the bedding – a space in a campground is much cheaper than a room in one of the park’s lodges. Also, many campgrounds come equipped with showers, flushing toilets and even laundry facilities, so it will be enough just to buy or rent a tent and your nights are secured. You can also do your own cooking. There are, of course, dining places, but if you cook yourself, you’ll save money for sure. It’ll be also a great fun around the fire, making barbeque for your friends and family. And you’ll meet some new people and make great friendships at the camp.


In Savannah you can find budget-friendly room rates and low prices of everything. You’ll surely enjoy the picturesque architectures. Savannah is the model of the Southern city, where people are friendly and polite. You can meet also many young and artistic people because of the Savannah College of Art and Design. This means that the parties are highly recommended and prepare yourself to enjoy the nights. You can save a penny or two by booking a room in the off-season. The lowest Hotel prices are in January and February.

New Orleans

If you are in a European moon you should not travel all across the ocean to satisfy that desire. Just book in New Orleans. It’s famous for its European-style architecture and of course the outrageous Mardi Gras – a huge party after party event which include Carnival traits. And it’s not so hard to save money just keep in mind that the hotels in the French Quarter are very expensive, you can book in a room nearby the French Quarter and spend the day-walk there. After all, your room is necessary just to sleep in there. If you plan a summer trip you’ll find great deals, but prepare to feel the hotness of the summer right there in New Orleans.

Myrtle Beach

Clean beaches, golf courses, amusement parks, roller coasters and race tracks, Ripley’s Aquarium, where you can meet the sharks. The spring is the season of the parties, because Myrtle Beach is a spring break destination for college people. Prepare to rock your vacation if you schedule your trip at this time of the year. Also, you’ll save money, because the spring is off-season time. So gather your friends and rent a home, actual home for a week. That’s how you’ll enjoy your vacation without going broke.


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