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Gisele Bundchen’s Secrets For Perfect Waves


Gisele Bundchen has one of the most famous hairstyle of all times. Her and her wavy hair have inspired not one or two women around the world but she herself has never talked about how she styles it so her hair looks so flawless all the time. Now, she will reveal her secret…

“I grew up in  house with a lot of girls – six. That’s why where was a lot of hair for combing and taking care of. My mom, who had a lot of work, didn’t have the time to take care of all of our hair and that’s why we all had to wear our hair really short. I didn’t want to cut it so my hair stayed long my whole childhood.

My older sister was a real hair expert – she know how to make it shiny by using tea, for example. Thanks to her I learned to how to add highlights to my hair. I am from Brazil and that’s why I really love the whole “just got back from the beach” look.

People are crazy about my hair, but I haven’t always been with these big waves. When I was little, my hair was extremely straight. On the set of one of my first photoshoots the stylist straightened my hair so much, that I fell in love in how shiny it is that I saved it til my prom night. Now, when I look back at the photos, I realize I wanted to look like someone I’m not.

I have always loved my long hair. If I have to be honest, this gives me some kind of confidence. In the 20 years that I model I have experimented with my hair a lot – there was a time when I dyed it really dark and once I cut it short. Most of the times, I leave my hair natural and wavy and that’s something that I see as my trademark. And now that I’m a mother, natural hair is the most practical decision for me because I don’t have time nor patience to sit in front of my mirror and do my hair. The more I’m in the fashion business, the more I feel that wavy hair is “my thing”.”

See how you can achieve Gisele’s perfect waves:

“Even if I’m a fan of natural curles, I sometimes like to use the curling iron. The key to the perfect hairstyle is looking effortless.” Here are the steps:

1. Dry your hair with blow dryer and divide it into sections, which you have to curl wirh the curling iron, paying attention to the ends, not to the roots.

2. Apply hairspray

3. Mess up your hair with your fingers. This helps the curles look more natural and the hair – more shiny. This effortless looks amazing!




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