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Get your kids to eat fruit – The easy way!


It can be hard enough to get ourselves to eat the 5 fruit and vegetables we need daily, but whats even worse is making sure our kids eat them.

Fruits and vegetables are a ‘must have’ source of daily vitamins for your kids.

So we came up with some cool and fun ways to get your kids wanting more fruits!

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Display the fruit in a rainbow way, adding any fruits you like…. But remember kids love bright colors, so add as many different colored fruits as you can!

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Angry Birds Fruits!

All kids love Angry Birds, so they will WANT to eat this! To achieve this, simply add yelow watermelom to the bottom of the bowl, create a smaller circle with red melon and dress up the face!

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Ice Fruits!

Kids love them! Simply get a ice lolly mould, add fruits, putin the freezer and voila!

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Go Tropical!

Make your little one a fun palm tree using orange pieces of clementine pieces for the ground, banana for the trunk of the tree and kiwi pieces for the leaf’s!

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Cracker Ladybirds!

Super cute! Add strawberries on to the cracker for the ladybirds body and use olives for the head!

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Pineapple Hedgehog!

Peel away one half of the skin from the Pineapple and cut the bottom in to the shape of a hedgehog…. Leave the green leaf part which will act as the tail and hair!

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Fruit Attack!

Use a watermelon and cut out a v shape for the sharks mouth, keeping small triangles as the teeth. Fill with lots of fruit


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