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Get Rid of That Hair Frizz!


DIY Frizz Serum

There is absolutely nothing worse than standing in front of the mirror styling you hair for hours, you step outside and BOOM! Frizz!

Well no more!

Make your own natural frizz serum at home to keep that frizz at bay!

You will need: camellia and castor oil, unrefined avacado oil, organic essential oils and a small dark bottle for storing your potion!

Begin by measuring out the below:

– 4 ounces of camellia oil

– Half an ounce of castor oil and half an ounce of unregined avacado oil

– Essential oils is just for a scent so this is optional, if you wish to scent the serum, add between 15 and 20 drops

Simply mix all the above together.

This can be used on dry or damp hair. I personally think it is better to apply on damp hair and blast the hair out with a hairdryer for a smooth finish.


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