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Get ready for Summer – The Home


Summer to me means sea, beach, ice cream, bright colors, sun and a lot of laughter with friends and family.

So, why not have a bit of summer in your home too?

If your thinking about redecorating or just want to add some little summer touches to your home, we thought we’d bring you some ideas that we love (I’ll be trying a bit of the last one!!)


Brighten up your livingroom with a fresh layer of paint – light creme or white for instant freshness. Accompany this with a bright piece of wall art (see our DIY section for some ideas)


Flowers and cushions make a world of difference to the look and feel of a room.

Opt for bright colors to achieve a summer feeling.


Take it outside!

In summer we love to relax outside, so you can simply add some decoration to your outdoor space to jazz it up (ideas can be found in our DIY section)


Bring the Mediterranean to you!

Simply change or add your outside sofa cushions to white, add some brown accessorizes and voila!


Make everything white!

White is an instant fresh-boost to any room.


Add simple decorations but dont go out & buy them!!

Take on simple DIY projects from our DIY section!


Color, color, color!

You dont need to redecorate a whole room (if you dont want too) simply add some bright colored picture frames, candles, cushions and so on.

So what one will you be trying?!


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