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Galaxy Splatter Nails tutorial


Splatter nails look amazing, however the original techniques- blowing nail polish directly on your nail is pretty…let`s say dirty. That`s why have prepared this tutorial, which will enable you with wonderful galaxy splatter nails, without having to spend hours washing up your hands. All you need is a plastic bag, a straw and your favourite colors.

1. Paint a 10cm wide rectangle onto the plastic bag with your base colour (in this case it is black). The length could be about two times the length of your nail. Make a thin layer!

2.Take the straw and carefully blow your favourite colours onto the black area. Let it dry well.

3.Time to make the decals. Cut the plastic bags painted are onto small pieces to fit your nails.

4. Pain your nail in your base colour, peel the decal from the plastic with tweezers and then carefully apply one of the decals onto the wet nail polish

5. Remove the overlapping parts.

6. Apply a top coat to melt the decal and base colour together

7. Wait for a while and apply one more coat .

8. Clean up your manicure as you usually do.

9. Boast around with your new stunning design



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