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Funny Occasions to Celebrate With Your Soulmate


If both of you are madly in love and has an adventurous personality, you should definitely celebrate some of these funny and ridiculous, in an adorable way, occasions. Take a look and try not to laugh hard out loud if you are somewhere in a public place:

Celebrate the skipping Gym day. I’m sure that this one will become your favorite one. Just don’t workout tonight and watch some movie or TV show, while eating TV food. Pick up some chinese food or pizza and celebrate the skipping Gym day hard – just lay down and be lazy.

Celebrate the first time you’ve bought something together by using the item. If you bought some TV game station – play on. If you bought some wine glasses – fill them up. If you bought some bed sheets – well, you know what to do.

How about that coupon, which expires soon. No matter how weird it is you MUST use it. This is your celebration – use the coupon. You surely can have fun while celebrating this occasion. You can go to a movie, theater, bowling, circus, puppet show, karaoke night and so on. And the weirder it is, the funnier it will get.

Celebrate the first time you said “I love you” by NOT saying it. Celebrate it with romantic gestures. Write it on a note like teenagers or cook some romantic food. Rely on your imagination when it comes to show your love. It will be really easy if you are truly in love, believe me. You can also spice the things up a little bit with some erotic picture or sexy underwear. The examples are countless, just remember to have fun.

Another funny and weird stuff to celebrate is the end of your period. If you are close enough to make fun of your bad mood during the period week you can both enjoy the end of it. With some playful bedroom activities or just with a picnic in the park. I have pretty much clear idea which type of celebration you’ll choose.

How about every First and Last day of the month. That makes 24 dates. You don’t have to make every time big dinner or going to a fancy restaurant. Just come up with something different than your daily routine. Go to the beach or build a snowman. Go to some thrift shop and buy some funky clothes for Halloween. A tasty barbeque afternoon will work as well. Remember to have fun and to keep showing each other your love one way or another. Love is all you need!


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