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Fun, flirty and sassy – Be different!




These cute and flirty Mickey Lace Ear headbands, feature round or pointy ears which can be designed and made all by yourself!


Seductive and adorable they can be worn with pretty much everything, not just Halloween or costume parties, they can be worn whenever and wherever you wish!


Even celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga and the Olsen Twins have been spotted wearing their favorite shaped lace ears!


The only thing needed is fashion bravery and a rebellion against what is normal for someone to wear!


Dare to be different!


What you’ll need to make your own lace ear headband:


  • Lace (non-stretch) – Hair bands
  • Pliers – Black wires
  • Bias tape – Sewing needles and black thread
  • Pinking shears – Scissors




  1. Take your black wire and bend in to the desired shape for your head and cut the excess wire that is not needed


  1. Slide Bias Tape along the length of the wire then trim off the extra tape


  1. Sew the ends of the Bias Tape together


  1. Use a small length of wire to bind the ends of the wire together (it should look like the below picture)


  1. Now we are ready to attached the sassy, sexy lace  Place the ear on the lace and cut around it in a square


  1. Now sew the (non-stretch) lace to the ear using your needle and black thread


  1. Trim off the excess lace using your pinking shears and attach the ear to your headband by wiring the ear to the headband (shown below)




  1. Repeat the process to make the second ear and your good to go show off your new Lace Mickey Ears!

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