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Four Myths about Dieting


Dieting is one of the most controversial topics in female (and not only!) life. Fortunately, in the last years healthy living has become a huge “trend” and people have stopped starving themselves or following crazy diets as opposed to just working out and keeping a good, nutritious menu. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular myths about diets and what truth actually lies behind them!

  • You can eat as much as you want, as long as it is healthy food. – No, of course! Fruit, for instance, are full of sugars and if you eat only bananas, that does not mean you will lose weight instantly! Even healthy food contains calories, proteins, sugars, fats, so you need to get more familiar with what everything consists of and how you need to combine them in order to build a good menu for yourself.
  • Stop the meat and you are going to lose weight. – Again, no! Meat itself is not such a huge problem in your diet. If you eat only vegetarian pasta, it does not mean you will lose weight, after all. It is important to maintain a variety in the diet and definitely incorporate sport into your lifestyle.
  • Missing a meal will help. – Actually, one of the most famous tactics is to eat often, but a little, so that you do not overstress your metabolism. Don’t binge just once or twice a day: that is a lot unhealthier! Organisms tend to stock fat when they are stressed out during overeating.
  • I work out, so I can eat as much as I want. – That is hilarious! Especially if you are looking for quick results, you need to not only workout often, but also set some limits when eating. You should not starve yourself, but consume just enough that you have energy for training. It is important that the calorie intake is less than what you burn, pure math.

Losing weight is definitely a challenge for some people and the best advice is actually to consult a professional, since each organism has unique needs and characteristics!


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