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Form-fitting and Flattering Bathing Suits for Your Summer Vacation


There are bathing suits that look well on all body types and are trendy and flattering. Swimsuits are designed for different activities such as sun bathing, water skiing, surfing, diving, and swimming. Some swimsuits go with bra-style sizing while others feature extra-large straps and asymmetrical shapes. There are one-piece bathing suits with side boning and molded cups while other models come with structured cups and are designed for a straight figure.

Swimsuits with diagonal, horizontal, and vertical stripes break up the body and are ideal for womanly shapes. Designers also offer full pieces that go with laced cutouts and are perfect for a straight figure. The goal is to shape curves and trick the eye. Cut stripes shape your figure, making it look like an hourglass. A one-piece is a clever choice to sculpt a lean physique. Choose a swimsuit with a mesh panel if you have to cover a bit of a tummy. Go for fabrics that make the waistline look slimmer. Swimsuits with drapes and prints are good choices. Some bathing suits even look like they have a built-in sarong. One-piece swimsuits are ideal for women who have a tummy.

Whether you have an apple or hourglass figure or are athletic, tall or petite, there are beautiful, form-fitting, and flattering suits for the summer season. Some are unisex while others are women’s swimsuits. There are also racerback styles, partial bodysuits, and other types. Women’s suits can be divided into monokini, tankini, bikini, and one-piece suits. The most popular type is the one-piece swimsuit, with different varieties and models offered. Designers offer different models, including reversible triangle bikini, Capri bikini, vintage swimsuits, strawberry print suits, and other types. Some suits go with a draping and a dotted design for an extra camouflage while others are ideal for petite women. There are also swimsuits for women with large hips. One option is to buy a swimsuit with an inverted-triangle design. Choose a suit with an accent that draws attention away from your hips. Color blocking is a smart trick if you have full thighs or hips. Go for a swimsuit with a lighter upper half and a darker lower half. The latter fades while the upper half stands out. Another idea is to buy a suit with a bold neckline to grab attention. Look for a piece that highlights the upper body and the bust line. As a rule, a one-piece suit is a better choice if you have full hips. One option is to buy a suit with a V neckline and a low-cut back. Other suits are designed for petite women, with colors and patterns that make a statement. Bright and bold colors draw attention while muted and dark colors tend to recede. A swimsuit with an eye-catching print is also a great addition to your summer wardrobe. A suit with a bold print easily turns into a focal point. Print blocking is another option to try.


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