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Food That Keeps Our Skin Beautiful?


All men and women all over the world notice their exsisting and visible flaws and do everything it takes to make their skin more attractive. Do you know what the final decision is? Healthy food, rich on nutrient substance, which are needed for the producing of healthy skin cells.

There are a lot of products which answer to the definition above. They might be too many, but I can name at least a few of them, which are incredibly healthy for our skin!

It’s a known fact that the seafood, especially the fatty fish and oyster, is very healthy for the skin, thanks to the Omega-3 fatty acid. With its help the skin is protected from inflammation and drying. This ingredient also help the circlulation of the blood and improves processes connected to the heart. The seafood in general is also a good companion during the battle with the acne.

Coffee and tea are also skin helpers! Thanks to many researches it is stated that a woman, who drinks a cup of coffee a day, decreases the risk of malignant  skin diseases. Those who drink more than just one cup have an even more incredible decrease. It seems that the caffeine kills the cancer cells and blocks a specific protein.

The soy milk is rich on isoflavones, which keep the skin stretched and fit. Red veggies are known for slowing down the aging process visually. The red, green and orange vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and green leaed veggies are very rick on carotene.  The pumpkin is also incredibly healthy for the skin, because it contains a lot of antioxidants and useful substances.

Munching on more nuts guarantees healthy and youthful skin for a long time. The almonds are rich on antioxidants as well and I advise you to consume them at least a few times per week. The eggs work positively on  tightening the skin and reduces the risk of inflammation and reddening.

By now, you should also already know that the chocolate is a friend, not a foe! Chocolate with at least 75% cocoa can clean you skin and erases any trace of wrinkles!



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