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Five Ways to Fake A Good Night Sleep


A good night sleep is very stretchy concept. Some say all you need are eight hours per night, but if you have had a stressful week with lots of exams when sleep was down to a minimum, maybe even they won’t be enough. Whatever the reason, good night sleep is often a dream that does not come true and that has its effect on our face.

  • Cold Water: whether it is a cold shower or a cold slash of water on your face, you need to try this trick every morning when you have not slept enough. Cold water constricts blood vessels, shrinks pores and you skin may appear smoother.

  • Easing Puffy Lids: if you are fighting puffy eyes, put your eye cream in the fridge and then apply it. Its anti-puffiness effect will be pushed even more. Cool tea bags and ice cubes can also be left on your lids for an improved look.

  • Eyelashes: your eyelashes can change more than you think when they are emphasized! When you haven’t had enough sleep, your eyes would be smaller, but beautiful lashes will make you look more awake. With the help of an eyelash curler and a mascara you can create wonders!

  • Tinted Moisturizer: foundation may not be the perfect choice if you want to even out your complexion when you are sleep-deprived since it will make you look cakey. A tinted moisturizer would freshen up your skin and even your complexion in the same time.

  • Blush: a cream formula in a peach shade + a good highlighter will make you look fresh, as if you have had a good night sleep. An illuminated light look is always a good idea!




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