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Find The perfect Dress For Your Body Shape


  One of the most difficult things when shopping for a dress is finding a dress that complements your body shape and make us look more feminine and beautiful. Here are some tips for the 4 main body shapes – rectangular, apple, pear and hourglass, that will make your life easier:

“Rectangular” body shape

First of all, you should define your waist so look for more “hourglass” type of dresses. Layer up a dress with a jacket or a cardigan to create dimension. Go bold with the prints and fabrics because you need to “add” to your body shape, not “take away”.

“Apple” body shape

You should go for dresses with fuller skirts and avoid tight ones. Avoid puffy sleeves that draw attention to the upper part of your body and go for something sleeveless and tailored to your body. It’s important that the waistline of the dresses is just bellow the bust.

“Pear” body shape

You need attention in your upper part so go for fitted tops or ones that have embelished necklines. You can substitute them with statement necklesses ot brooches. Go for A-shaped dresses that cover your wide hips but give you some structure in the upper body.

“Hourglass” body shape

This shape needs balance! Wear dresses with V-neck shapped neckline to make your upper part seem more small. Go for vertical stripes and dark colors. If your bust is smaller you can wear ruffled dresses and tops. If you want to draw attention to your curves, wear a peplum style skirt, or a body cone one.



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