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Find The Boy In This Picture


When you stare at this picture you will find only two beautiful, young girls, which are wearing wedding dresses. You’ll say that this is a modern same-sex marriage, but the story is a bit different than that. I’m sure that you will be amazed, keep reading.

Alison and Alina

Actually these two are about to become husband and wife, but which one is the boy? In fact, they are a heterosexual couple from Russia and keep in mind that gay and lesbian weddings are forbidden. And here comes the twist about this story.

It turns out that Alina Davis (right), also known as Dmitry Kozhukhov, is a straight man, who feels more comfortable wearing female clothes. He/she describes himself as “androgyne“, someone who is unable to fit perfectly into either gender role. And obviously he is attracted to females.

Despite the official disapproval the young couple married in August this year. They didn’t have any trouble in filling the needed application in the registry office, but a couple of weeks before the wedding they were called by the registry office and when they couldn’t reach the wanna-be husband and wife they called Alina’s mother. From the registry office were concerned that both would arrive in white bridal dresses, which actually happened.


The problem was that in Russia the marriage is between a man and a woman. But this marriage is really between a man and a woman, just the man prefers to look like a woman because he thinks that the female beauty should be appreciated in every possible way.

After the drama around the look of the husband, the ceremony was held and they were announced as husband and wife in front of the guests and the film crew.

These two believe that their wedding has sent an important message to people in Russia that it is possible to exist hostility to non-conventional couples.


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