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Find Out What Your Favorite FOOD Says About You


When it happens to get drunk (rarely, very rarely) we get really hungry and that’s not all of it – we have favorite foods. And that partiality says a lot about your personality:

  1. Pizza. You are lazy at times and don’t botter to get stress from complicated things, you’re living a good life.



2. Cheeseburger. You have a huge appetite for life. You are impatient in life.

3. Soup. You are stay-at-home type. You’d rather not share your food and love to be alone and have some peaceful time.

4. Nachos. You’re the nonchalant fellow of the team.

nachos with various sauces



5. Breakfast foods. You are nostalgic for home and have stable and good relationship with your parents.

6. Chicken. Classic, chic and safe. You are feeling most comfortable when you are among your friends.

7. Mac and cheese. Grilled cheese. Cheese. You’re an adventurous one.

8. French fries. Never satisfied until you’ve finished what you’ve started. Good at hands-on work.

Pommes Frites mit Ketchup und Mayonnaise

9. Mozzarella sticks. A secret perfectionist, you know what you want and you go for it. Never lower your standards and it takes a lot of work into making you happy.

10. Frostiest. Impulsive, free-spirited and always fun.

11.Nothing. You love to sleep.

12. Anything. Ravenous, indecisive, one-track mind.



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