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Fight Winter Blues


At the end of the Winter a lot of people get depressed, which is unfair, because all the good stuff are coming up and we are covered with blankets and wait for the March to come faster. I will tell you my story how I get rid of Winter blue mood.

In fact, I’m not depressed, but I have no luck at all. I’ve got my wallet stolen, in which I had ID, driving license, a lot of money, cards and so on. After that I restored the documents from the wallet and a few days after that, I lost my credit card again. Then I fell down in the bus really badly, I’ve got a huge fight with my sister and we are not talking to each other. Well, I must admit, this is a relief to share all these miseries with someone. And I blame the winter. I’m grumpy and anxious all time. That’s not all. Many people feel the same way, which means that the whole environment is grumpy and anxious around me. Depressing feeling of hopelessness and guilt are in people’s minds. No one sees an exit out of this  condition and we carry on until the temperature is above the temperature of our cold hearts.

It is time for us to do something about that state of mind.  Here are a few tips for fighting the Winter blue:

Learn how to breathe. Very often the simplest things work better than complicated methods and remedies. So, if you are in the office or at home, or in a traffic jam, just rest your back and take a deep breath, free your mind and relax. Do that a few times during the day. It is a real medicine to clear your mind of stressful thoughts.

Stay off the screen of your computer, phone, pad and TV. Use your spare time to hang out with friends, reading, napping, painting your nails, crafting, playing with your dog, calling your grandmas, just enjoying your life and spending more time with your beloved people.

Choose a week of the month and keep it free of appointments and meeting. This will be your personal week of the month. Sometimes not making plans is good for your mood and health.

If you are not sleeping enough, fix it! The sleep is highly important for  your mood. Not enough sleep means grumpy pants. So, go to bed early and try to make a routine out of it.

Get your vitamins. Eat happy food. You can fight the depression with the sun vitamin – the D one. You can take it from fatty fish like salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna and eel, also fortified milk, orange juice (the sun juice as I call it) and egg yolks. The chocolate is happy food too.

Be surrounded by pleasant people. Try to socialize and form a group. You can just hang out at your place and watch TV or play games, the point is to be distracted and connected with other people. The groups are powerful muses for motivating and feeling more confident and competitive, which will drag you out of the depression.


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