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Feminine Nail Decoration


When you hear ‘feminine’ what kind of shapes and colors comes in your mind? I bet that the answer is “curvy lines and pinky colors”. But I want to show you a different way of looking feminine – white and geometric shapes, and I’m talking about your nails. Take a look:

  • First of all, you should analyze your nails and their condition. If they are uneven, you have to take good care of them, choose a shape and achieve it by filing the nails. You’d better choose a nail that is comfortable for you and one that will save the long nails last longer, a suggestion for a shape is the Oval one, or as I prefer it, The Squoval. It is a semi-square shape, with highly rounded corners. When you are done with the filing, you can continue with the nail bed preparation.
  • Get rid of those cuticles. Did you know that the cuticles of the nail spread all the way to the half of the nail bed and stay there without a permit, which causes nail polish lifting after the application of the nail art. That’s why you have to remove them. The fastest and the painless way for getting rid of cuticles is to use a wooden stick. Just push back the cuticles from the place they’ve come. Don’t cut them alone, because you might damage the soft skin and make wounds, unless you want bloody, ugly finger.
  • The shape of the nails is done, the cuticles are gone and now we can start with the actual work.
  • Apply primer to the lids. Use a transparent nail polish. There are two great benefits of doing that step. First of all, you will protect the nails from yellowing because of the nail polish. And also, your nails will look thicker because you will have more layers of products on them.
  • Once the primer is all dry, stick thin tape strips as it is shown in the picture.
  • Then paint over them a white matte nail polish. Wait a few seconds until the nail polish tightens a little bit and remove the strips carefully with tweezers.
  • Wait for the decoration to dry and seal the deal with a thick layer of top coat.




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